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Our consulting services are designed to create an accelerated TMS profit strategy to get your TMS chair producing revenue quickly and build your dream TMS practice. We have the expertise and experience needed to guide you through the essential steps to be profitable and avoid revenue leaks.


We train your office staff in how to be a TMS Coordinator. We take the staff through an in-depth 6-week program that will equip them to manage your entire TMS, Spravato, and Ketamine programs.


LEAD ENGAGEMENT We gain access to your leads to engage quickly to have a pre-screening conservation. We discern if the patient is a good candidate for TMS or needs to meet additional qualifications. If they are a good candidate, we walk them through the intake process. Tracking is provided to keep the clinic updated on the status of all leads.


In this process we follow-up on medical record requests, medication list and intake forms. We are a liaison between the clinic and the patient, even if they don’t meet TMS criteria at the time of contact. We perform Insurance Verification and precertification while sharing progress of all tasks with the clinic. When the patient is approved for treatment, we have a financial conservation with them to explain their cost share.


We scrub all claims before sending them to the payor, bills within 24-48 hours of receipt of the claim and rejections are worked daily. Our Denial Management system includes rebills, appeals, recoupments, precertification denials denial tracking and payment posting. Our system is designed to decrease denials and work the claim once to expect payment. Denial trends are shared with the client on a monthly rhythm and as often as the client needs to reduce future denials and loss revenue.


This is a very important part of your profit strategy. Without a marketing plan you're planning to fail. The three critical elements of TMS Marketing are Digital Marketing,TMS Lead generation and Lead engagement. CBM offers Lead engagement in addition to Digital Marketing services. That includes website creation, SEO management and other effective programs to grow your practice. Hire an expert team that will follow-up on every lead and screen for your ideal patient.


Our digital marketing programs are designed to drive quality leads to your practice.


Following up on TMS leads to a screen for the ideal TMS patients.


We review each payer's clinical policy guidelines to ensure we are submitting requests that have a 99% approval rate

Profit Strategy

Our profit strategy is uniquely designed for your clinic. Our goal is to capture and increase revenue and plug any leaks quickly.

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