Our Services

Insurance Verification And Precertification

It’s essential to secure claims payment. Otherwise you’re working for FREE.  Included at no additional charge when you sign up for our PREMIUM Medical Billing and Insurance Collections service package.

Virtual Front Desk

A designated phone line is provided for your practice. We perform the initial intakes, schedule appointments, verify eligibility and benefits, inform patients of their financial responsibility prior to the appointment, payment processing and appointment confirmation. Our service is scalable to fit any size practice.

Medical Billing & Insurance Collections

An ounce of prevention is worth hundreds and thousands of dollars in revenue.  For this reason we scrub all claims before sending them to the payor, bill within 24-48 hours of receipt of the claim and rejections are worked daily.  Our Denial Management system includes rebills, appeals, recoupments, precertification and denial tracking.  It’s designed to capture all denials and work the claim once to expect payment.  Denial trends are shared with the client on a monthly rhythm and as often as the client needs to reduce future denials and loss of revenue.  If you’re looking for a team that has TENACITY and HUSTLE to get your denials overturned and the revenue you work so hard for. – call CBM today!

Specialized Reports

We can produce specialized reports useful in tracking overall performance of the business.​

Patient Statements

This is an optional service. We send out patient statements monthly. Statements are customized to represent your practice. All patient payments go directly to the provider or practice address.

Digital Marketing

It is the most important part of your profit strategy.  Without a marketing plan you’re planning to fail. We offer Digital Marketing including website creation and SEO management .  We specialize in TMS Lead generation and will help you. Get A Free Consultation. 


Our consulting services are designed to Help you build the practice of your dreams. Our consultants will help guide you in creating a Mental Health practice or TMS profit strategy that produces revenue quickly.  They are specialists in practice management, revenue cycle management, and practice start-up.

Specialties We Serve