​​The Masters Answer

I turned my precert, billing and collections over to CBM over 4 years ago after doing it in house for 20 years. I wish I had done it sooner. They are efficient, thorough, and responsive. CBM has worked with me to implement practice-specific procedures that are thorough and efficient. The benefits verification and precertification information are informative to my patients and I, producing a 99% collection rate even with complex reimbursement systems like workers’ compensation.
Kyle Babick, Ph.D.
Dallas, Texas
After having a major problem with Medicare billing and spending several hours trying unsuccessfully to figure out the solution myself, I turned to CBM upon the advice of a colleague. I am delighted at the services provided. I turn over the insurance information and never have to worry about pre-certification, insurance billing, or figuring out deductibles and co-pay amounts. I am delighted to have found this service and recommend it to others.
Paul Andrews,
CBM has helped for many years with the billing and verifications of our psychiatric practice. They have done exceptional work not only with the billing but also, from time to time, helping our medical office with management and many other issues that have arisen through the years. Due to their comprehensive knowledge of medical practice management, they became our go-to place to find solutions for many of our complex questions. Without any doubt, we recommend CBM 100 percent.
Ariel De Llanos, MD
Focus & Balance, PLLC
CBM has gone above and beyond to assist with helping our TMS clinic run smoothly from start to finish. The amount of professionalism and knowledge they presented on complex cases made the difference in seeing our patients get the care they need and deserve. From the start, CBM acted as an extension of our clinic and stayed in constant contact with our team. I am very thankful for the months of training and guidance they provided to our staff. Their support and work ethic laid the foundation for us to grow and learn.
Dr. Kris Houser
Board Certified Psychiatrist
When my partner and I decided to open a new TMS practice, we were a bit naïve about how extensive the process would be. We would have never made it without the support and guidance of CBM. I am truly grateful for the hard work, professionalism, guidance, and patience demonstrated by the team at CBM. The services we received included EMR support, credentialing, billing, scheduling, prior approvals, and so much more. I would recommend CBM to anyone setting up a medical practice. Thank you CBM for all of your support through our TMS journey.
Dr. Kelly Ownby
Board Certified Psychiatrist
Prior to working with CBM, I spent endless hours each week putting out fires related to questions and issues from our front office. During this time I did not feel comfortable taking time off. We knew we needed to make a change and had planned a slow and smooth transition from our current in house operations to CBM. However, a situation came up that caused us to need to make the switch much faster. You scheduled an onboarding meeting one day and the next day we were up and running with CBM handling all of our phone calls and scheduling. Two days later I went on vacation. When I returned there were no fires to put out, no upset patients or referral sources upset that they had not received a call back or needed to be scheduled. It has been over three months since that time and I have every confidence that CBM and their staff are partnering with us to meet our client needs.
Dr. Lynn Bohecker
During the early planning stages of developing a telemental nurse practitioner clinic, we consulted Rebecca Andrews at CBM Management. Ms. Andrews was the utmost professional and provided us with detailed information about billing and credentialing processes, electronic health records and expenses that would be incurred in establishing and operating a clinic. Ms. Andrews was one of the most knowledgeable professionals I have ever worked with in helping our team to understand best practices for clinic management and the details involved in provider credentialing and accurately billing for services. She has a high level of expertise in all phases of clinic management and I would highly recommend her services.”
Barbara Cherry, DNSc, MBA, RN, NEA-BC
Professor, Associate Dean for Strategic Partnerships
Since I have turned over my VA work to CBM, my business has taken off! The staff is always responsive and professional. I get great feedback from my staff and our clients about the courtesy and professionalism. They have made my life so much easier!
Terry Abraham, LPC.
Healthcare Practitioner
CBM has provided A+ service.
Kimberly M. Lee-Okonya, LCSW, LMSW
Healthcare Practitioner
CBM has been a Godsend to our private practice!  There are no other words to explain how impressed we are by their work. Not only have they transformed our organization in just 6 short months, but they have also helped to solidify our foundation so we can grow more powerfully.  Rebecca and Brittany lead an outstanding team of scheduling and billing professionals that can enter any organization and improve customer service and billing efficiency, increase revenue, improve morale, establish detailed processes and do it all with sheer dedication, encouragement, optimism, patience, and grace.  Contracting with CBM was one of the best business decisions we have made, and we look forward to a longstanding partnership with them that involves continued growth.   Additionally, I can't rave enough about the one-on-one business coaching services that CBM President, Rebecca offers to help leading medical professionals maximize their practice growth potential.  With her detailed eyes and decades of business expertise in health care billing and administration, her coaching expertise is one of a kind.  She will not disappoint, and you will learn, work, and watch as your business grows to new heights.
Kelly M. Lewis-Arthur, Ph.D.
President / Licensed Clinical Psychologist GlobeCoRe, Inc.