Submitting Medicare Part B Claims: A Step-by-Step Guide



Submitting Medicare Part B Claims: A Step-by-Step Guide

Filing claims with Medicare Part B, which covers a broad array of outpatient services, preventive care, and physician visits, can sometimes necessitate direct action from beneficiaries. For those instances where you’ve paid for services out-of-pocket and need reimbursement, knowing how to correctly submit your Medicare Part B claim forms is essential. Supported by CBM Medical Management, renowned for its 40-year legacy in revolutionizing revenue cycle management and practice start-ups, this guide walks you through the process of where and how to send your Medicare Part B claim forms.

When You Need to File a Medicare Part B Claim

Most healthcare providers who accept Medicare will file claims on your behalf. Nonetheless, there are instances where you may need to file a claim directly, such as receiving services from providers who do not participate in Medicare.

Preparing Your Medicare Claim Form

Collecting the Necessary Documents

The first step is obtaining the CMS-1490S form, available on the Medicare website in various languages. Accompany this form with detailed itemized bills and payment receipts from your healthcare provider to substantiate the services received.

Accurately Completing the Form

Ensure the form is filled out with meticulous attention to detail, including your Medicare number, dates of service, and a clear description of the services or supplies provided. Accuracy and completeness are vital to prevent any delays in processing your claim.

Where to Send Your Medicare Part B Claim Forms

Identifying Your Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC)

Your claim needs to be sent to the MAC responsible for your geographical area. The U.S. is segmented into different MAC jurisdictions, each processing Medicare Part B claims for designated states and territories.

Locating the Correct MAC Address

The correct MAC address for your claim can be found by visiting the Medicare website or calling 1-800-MEDICARE. Provide your location to receive the specific address for your jurisdiction. Double-check this information before sending, as addresses may periodically change.

Tips for a Successful Claim Submission

  • Review your form: Prior to mailing, confirm that all sections of the CMS-1490S form are accurately completed.
  • Retain copies: Keep copies of your filled-out claim form and all supporting documentation for your records.
  • Opt for certified mail: Sending your claim via certified mail offers added security and proof of submission.
  • Monitor your claim: If you haven’t received a response or reimbursement within 60 days, reach out to Medicare to inquire about your claim’s status.


While submitting Medicare Part B claims may initially appear challenging, understanding the requisite steps for form preparation, completion, and submission can simplify the process. By adhering to this guide, you can ensure your claims are correctly submitted for prompt processing. Utilize the resources available through Medicare’s official channels for any further assistance, ensuring a smoother journey towards reimbursement. Remember, the goal is to ensure you’re reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses on eligible services, making your healthcare experience with Medicare as seamless as possible.

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